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Special and rare fruit seedlings

Supply of seedlings began Cultivars of fruitful and unproductive seedlings from 1 year old - Specific and rare fruit seedlings - Cultivars of fruit trees - Cultivars of basic (short-lived) seedlings - Seed and transplanting varieties. (Free shipping to all parts of Iran) For more information or to purchase Mashhad Seedlings Experts by telegram - WhatsApp or contact: 09159824005 --- 09159823906

Product description

Fruit cultivars (fruit)

Almond Seedlings: Lemongrass - Lemongrass - Rocky-Francis-Midwifery-Shahroudi

Walnut Seedlings: Canadian-Israeli-Pecan-Native-American-Hybrid-Chandler

Plum seedlings: Santarosha-Black Diamond-Blackstar-Black-Yellow-Red-Cobra-Tarqaba-Bukhara-Stanley

Apricot Seedlings: Shahroudi-Lasagra-Helena-Jafari-Export-Saffron-Rajabali-Jahangiri-Qaysi

Peach seedlings: Alberta-Damavand-Mashhad-Blue-White-Saffron-HL-Tiger-Fig-Redside (Blood)

Jujube seedlings: sesame-seed-hybrid-Armenian

Pear seedlings: Early and late Spadana-Fruit-King-Drogzi-Tailed-Masho-Natanz

Apple Seedling: Rosewood-Red Delicious-Golden Delicious-French Green (Granny Smith) -Glob-Golshahi-Spring-Summer-Sheikh Amiri-Fuji-Golden Renders-Red Mercal-Red Chif-Gala

Cherry Seedlings: Greens, Butterscotch, Sigany-Hungarian-Gessie

Cherry Seedling: Mashhad Seedlings-Black-Regina-Yellow-Glass-Pretzel-Cluster-Greens

Green Tomato Seedlings: American Prey-Star-American Red Tomato

Cherry tree seedlings: Kyoto-fig-night-yellow-indp

Mulberry Seedlings: Mashhad-Khawafi-Blackberry-Qaysi-White-Musical-Majnun-Kakuza-Maklura-Bukharai

Barberry seedlings: Poppy without seed of cayenne

Grape Seedlings: Asgari-Ruby-Saebi-Sixty-Bride-Kondri-Shahani-Sardasht-Lal-Khalili-Fakhri-Raisins-Red-currant-Pikami-Wine-French-Redglob-Royal California-Sword-Black William-Russian-Japanese

Fig Tree: Black-Yellow-Three Seasons-Pears-Izmir-Estahban

Pomegranate Seedlings: Rabab Ney Riz-Bejestan-Saveh-Gap Glass-Black Seed-Ardestan

Persimmon Seedlings: Tomato (Japanese) -Sebee-Mango (Banana or Mango)

Seedlings to: Esfahan (Hawthorn-Queens-based) -Nishabour

Specific Seedling Cultivars: Blueberry-Razbury (Red and Yellow) -Canberry-Blackberry-Boiseen-Berry-Gucci-Berry-Jostberry-Tomato-Kiwi-Berry-Pastry-Dragon-Fruity-Multiple Fruits-Sumac-Black Pepper-Cardamom- Edible Olive (Japanese Brandy) -Japan Almond-Hawthorn-Hazelnut-Blueberries-Four Seasons Strawberry-Raspberry Without Thistle-Cherry Suriname-Australian Sturgeon Lemon -30 Foreign Grapes

Seed Type: Pear-peach-shaftalo-apple-plum-apricot-bitter cherry-walnut-almond-jujube ...

Super absorbent - starter - antifreeze - protective trunk glue for trees and ...

For more information (advice) or to purchase by calling or telegraphing the following numbers:

 09159824005 --- 09159823906 ---- 09017636196

Telegram Channel: @ nahalmashhad

Instagram: mashhadnahal

Send to all parts of the world

Here's how to order and send:

You can contact experts in person and after consultation you can order your own seedlings and after the final invoice has been registered, the seedlings in the packaging section will be disinfected (preloaded) and The nylon is then packed into a sack of ready-made sacks.

In practice, pruning causes the root of the seedling to stay moist for a long time, which makes it difficult to send so that the root of the seedling will not dry for several days on the way to your destination.

Send to all parts of the world
Thanks (Mashhad Seedling)

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